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indoor power conditioning voltage regulator

Defends your environment against unwanted power problems by providing:

Three Phase
  1. Display monitor keeps you in control 24/7.
  2. Dependable DSP/PWM technology for unsurpassed reliability.
  3. Economical for the lowest overall cost for your frequency conversion, with an Energy Star Rating.
  4. High efficiency of >96%.
  5. A reliability of over 200,000 hours.
  6. Comes standard with a main input breaker.
  7. Easy front access.
  8. With a proven no-linear load capability.
  9. Standard manual bypass switch.
  10. Input and output filters.
  11. 5 Year power train warranty.
  12. Meets federal, state and local codes: NFPA 101, NFPA 70, NEC and OSHA.
  13. Built to UL 1950.
  14. Complies with the Buy American Act.

The Piranha provides the ultimate in power conditioning
voltage regulation and is designed to be fully field supported.
The Piranha comes standard with a manual bypass switch
that enables the unit to operate keeping you on-line when you
need it most!

• 10 kVA – 250 kVA three phase output unit uses the latest
technology to provide the most advanced performance and
reliability features

• 208, 240 or 480 VAC
• Regulation Range of +10%, -15%
• 0.95 Power Factor

• 120/240, 208Y/120 or 480Y/277 VAC output 60 Hz
• Voltage regulation ±1% typical, ±2% max

• Offers a Subcycle Voltage correction
• Maintains a “Peak to RMS” ratio ≥ 3 to 1

• Built to UL standard 1950
• Complies with the Buy American Act

• Provides overload, surge and undercurrent protection using
DSP/PWM technology and DSPM Watchdog Software to
protect system performance and reliability
• Surge protection against load surges as defined in
ANSI/IEEE C62.45 category A and B

• DSP/PWM technology and DSPM Watchdog Software provides
complete self diagnostic capabilities and LED Monitoring
• Informative advanced Display and Alarms keep you
in control of your emergency lighting environment 24/7

• Modular design enables flexible installation
• Forced air cooling for maximum reliability
• All systems are self contained

• Modular design enables flexible installation
• Forced air cooling for maximum reliability
• All systems are self contained

• 1-Year full warranty on system electronics
• System 1-year on-site warranty labor with
DSPM phone assisted start-up
• 5-Year powertrain warranty
• Maintenance contracts available

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PIR – Three – 30 – 240 208Y/120 – TVSS EW

Description of example:
(Three Phase, 30 kVA, 240 Voltage In, 208Y/120 Voltage Out, Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor, Extended Warranty)