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Involved In The Power Quality Business Since 1973
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DSPM Emergency Lighting Systems
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DSPM 3rd Rail Systems
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Emergency Lighting

Maintains efficient AC Emergency Power to operate all emergency lighting fixtures at “full light” output, providing superior dependability and security to commercial/industrial environments in a small footprint.

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Maintains efficient AC Power eliminating noise, spikes, surges and brownouts. When the utility fails our units will continue to provide AC voltage without the slightest interruption.

Frequency Converters

Maintains efficient and accurate voltage and frequency regulation which provides superior dependability to commercial/industrial environments in a small footprint.

3rd Rail Inverters

The High Voltage DC to AC Converter the only American made high DC voltage inverter approved by the City of Chicago. The unit operates from the VDC voltage and produces a sinewave output with less than 3% THD. The High Voltage DC to AC Converter is a field-proven design.


The most advanced elevator emergency backup system. Lynx Power is an advanced and affordable regen compatible elevator & lighting battery backup system.

Voltage Regulator

Provides the ultimate in power conditioning voltage regulation and is designed to be fully supported. Comes standard with a manual bypass switch that enables the unit to operate keeping you online when you need it most! 

Isolation Transformer

Maintains efficient power to operate even with the worst of power problems, providing superior dependability and reliability commercial/ industrial environmental in a small footprint.