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Data Center

Providing critical loads in a data center environment brings several challenges no ordinary UPS can stand to the test. DSPM Defender 3DC system integrates seamlessly into data centers environment to deliver reliable, efficient, and clean power even when main source of power goes down. These inverters provide the ability to run self-diagnostics that keep you in control every minute allowing a safe and secure lit environment. The emergency lighting inverter systems meet the federal, state, and local codes such as UL 924, UL1778, meet NFPA 101, NFPA 70, NEC, and OSHA standards. The system complies with the Buy American Act. The system includes a 10 Year pro-rated battery warranty and 5 Year power train warranty.

What Makes Defender 3DC Different :

In a data center environment power redundancy is the norm when designing power infrastructure. The possibility of a UPS being exposed to stray currents, back feeds, noise, ground loops grow immensely as many redundant systems are tied together. The Data Center Back-up inverter is specifically designed for emergency lighting in data centers and mission critical facilities that utilize relay panels, photocells, occupancy sensors, surge protectors, automatic transfer devices, and other system providing redundancy. The Eternalight 3DC provides an integrated output isolation transformer providing galvanic isolation on the output. This isolates the lighting inverter from unwanted back feed, electrical noise, circulating currents, and ground loops that may be present in data center environment. With all this in mind you can rest assure DSPM Defender 3DC is ready to defend your critical load from unwanted disturbances.