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3rd Rail Aux Power Supply

DSPM’s Auxiliary Power Supply is a compact wall-mounted
inverter that is designed to generate a pure sine wave, connecting
to the subway track system. The input DC voltage can be between
300V to 1500V DC.

Three Phase and Single Phase  1KW - 8KW

Power Levels:

8.0, 16.0, 24.0, and 32.0KW

Input Voltage:

300 to 2000VDC

120, 240, 277, 480, 208/120, 208, 480/277, 480AC

Output Voltage:

120, 240, 277, 480, 208/120, 480/277VAC

The DC to AC Converter maintains efficient AC Emergency Power to operate all types of loads,
providing superior dependability and security to commercial/industrial environments in a small
commercial/industrial environments in an outdoor environment.

Up to 8KW

350 to 900VDC, nominal 600VDC

  • 120V, 240V, 277V, 480V, 120/240, 120/208, 277/480 or 277/480VAC 92% efficient at 100%

linear load

  • Meets NF PA 101, NFPA 70, NEC and OSHAstandards
  • Cities of Chicago and New York approved
  • Complies with the Buy American Act

• Provides overload, surge and undercurrent protection using DSP/PWM technology and DSPM
Watchdog Software to protect system performance and reliability
• Surge protection against load surges as defined in ANSI/IEEE C62.45 category A and B

Input Under/Over Voltage

Output Over Voltage

Output Over Load

Over Temperature

Smart Cooling system

Off-site Monitoring system

• Modular design enables flexible installation


  • • Modular design and small footprint allow easy installation in an outdoor environment
    • Phone assisted factory start-up standard for all systems
    • Extended warranty available

• 1-Year full warranty on system electronics
• System 1-year on-site warranty labor with
DSPM phone assisted start-up
• 5-Year powertrain warranty
• Maintenance contracts available

Single Line Diagram

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Write them on the appropriate line. Order accessories as separate catalog number.

(3rd Rail, 8KVA, 600VDC/208/120Y, Output Circuit Breaker, 2 each, 20 Amp, 1 Pole)